Offical Website of the Lost Force minecraft server.


  • Hello Guys,

    let me tell you, which new features you will see after the reset.

    1. When you join the server, than you will have a newbie security shield. So you can't die in the first 2 hours.
    You can disable it by using the command /user newbie deactivate
    This is very important for the new players, who have not good armor.

    2. It is now possible to start a 2vs2, 1vs3, 2vs5 etc... match.
    Just create a party by using the command /party create
    After this step, you have to invite other players to your party. Just type in /party invite <player>.
    When your team is finish, than you can select Player vs Player in the 1vs1 selection inventory. Open it by using
    the command /1vs1 play
    We hope you like it!

    3. Minigames will now send a announcing message, when the game will start in some seconds.
    Our goal is, that more players playing minigames.

    4. There is now a farm world. In this world pvp is disabled! But this world gets resetted every few days.
    So it isnt recommended to build your house up there.
    To come in the farm world, just use the command /warp farm

    5. New Items are added in the voting chest!

    6. There is now a underground spawn. You have to walk upstairs or use the command /warp up.

    7. It is possible again to create your own shop to earn money. Go to the shop and open your own shop in the marked area.
    Read the signs there to see how it works.

    8. Explore the new end. We will spawn the new enderdragon every few days.

    9. A big PVP arena at the spawn! Just walk 30 blocks.

    10. A AFK Lounge at the spawn. In the version 1.9 it is possible again, to push players away. When you are afk, just go in this lounge.
    Warp: /warp afk

    11. As user you can protect now! Use /protect create <name> to get a 4x4x4 Protection =O

    Hope we will see you tomorrow at 8pm ! :)